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I've been trying to figure out how to help performing artist's in Folk Music for many years and in those years I've been attracted to video as a way to do that. I got into video by purchasing a Canon Z65 DV tape camera and learned to record, capture and edit my video with that camera and eventually purchased two more cameras so I could do a three camera shoot. I learned through that process that it's the sound that matters. If you don't have good sound you don't have a good video. Then comes the video quality of HD widescreen. I wanted the quality that I saw in HD cameras so I bought the Canon XH-A1 HDV camera. The Canon has two XLR inputs, which means now I can get good sound, I thought.

I now use three HD cameras that record in widescreen at 24 FPM in movie mode. They have 32 GB SDHC cards that will record hours of footage. I have a zoom R24 digital multi-track recorder which acts as an audio interface, a control surface and a pad sampler so everything I need is in one versatile piece of equipment. I have lights, mics, stands and I built a studio in my garage with a stage. So my goal is to get great sound, quality video, make the artist look good and get their music out to the world.

Folk music covers lots of territory and I have designed my website to do the same, bring you the music of performing artists, young and old. My home page will have the latest eight videos I shoot and then individual pages for each artist which will highlight there personal website, their music and connect you to purchase their CD and digital downloads. You will be able to download the videos you see in M4V format FREE for an Ipod for a limited time.

From our website you can purchase ipods, music of the artists,
any equipment that we use to create the videos you see on our site.
Artists can connect with Tunecore through our site and get their music
on itunes and amazon around the world. I hope to make small commissions
on any purchases made from our site to help differ the costs of the site.
I will have a donation button for anyone that wants to contribute to this project. We will come to live performances, set up our equipment, capture your video and audio and edit the captured video for DVD, Youtube and Facebook. Call for details.

Tune Core Music Distribution of Your Own Music